Saturday, April 3, 2010

Opening Week of Busch Gardens Williamsburg, 2010 ! - New park features

After a sneak peak "Passmember Preview Day" on March 20th, Busch Gardens opened for the 2010 season on March 26th. We were there both days of course. The weather on the 20th was absolutely beautiful and the park was very crowded with passmembers. The kids had a blast as always, although we were there from open to close so it made for a long day. Nikki's brother Chris, his wife Stacy and their boys Carter and Parker came to visit for the weekend and were there with us as well.

There were lots of new additions to the park this year. No major changes, but lots of small ones. Due to the sale of the parks, the Clydesdales had to be removed from the stables in Scotland since they are the property of the Busch corp. However, they were replaced with several new black Clydesdales, as well as a small herd of sheep and some Scottish collies.

DSC03263.jpg image by aaroncorasdadDSC03281.jpg image by aaroncorasdad

Ireland saw several changes this year as well.

DSC03283.jpg image by aaroncorasdad

They are installing a new ride in place of Corkscrew Hill called Europe in the Air. It's a IMAX type ride that's supposed to take you on an flight over famous European landmarks. It's due to open in May.

DSC03285.jpg image by aaroncorasdad

There is a brand new show in the Abbeystone Theater called Celtic Fyre. The theater has been completely transformed into an Irish Pub and the show features a wedding reception with lots of traditional and original Irish song and dance. We've seen it several times this week. It's sure to be a hit for the park for years to come.

DSC03288.jpg image by aaroncorasdadDSC03305.jpg image by aaroncorasdadDSC03304.jpg image by aaroncorasdadDSC03302.jpg image by aaroncorasdadDSC03301.jpg image by aaroncorasdad

We did notice an a pot of gold hidden in the fountain that was not there before. We always keep a change purse with us full of pennies for Cora to throw in to the fountain. She loves it.

DSC03292.jpg image by aaroncorasdadDSC03278.jpg image by aaroncorasdadDSC03290.jpg image by aaroncorasdadDSC03279.jpg image by aaroncorasdad

Lots more to blog about and many more pictures, coming soon...
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